Tattoo info

For all Lucky Dubz Studio artists and employees, the practice and understanding of hygiene standards is a basic aspect of their profession and training. The work areas are thoroughly cleaned and disinfected by an artist/employee after each tattoo session. Through consultations with the Health Department, we have ensured that the surface finish of the work areas (walls, floors, furnitures, equipments) facilitate cleaning to ensure germ-free conditions.

The professional execution of disinfecting the work areas is specified in a plan and continuously reviewed. The sterilized instruments are provided with an expiration date. It's about YOUR health.

The current regulation of tattoo colorants.

In November 2008, the European Parliament has overcome a very important milestone with the decision of the new Regulation of the Tattoo Colors for the European tattoo industry. This means for you as a customer that it is finally banned to use the colors that include harmful ingredients.

We at Lucky Dubz Studio even go one step further and completely refuse to use colors and other materials containing animal ingredients or were tested on animals. We use vegan ink only.

When attending your appointment in our studio please:

  • Wash your hands with hand alcohol on entry and after each contact.
  • Take off your shoes or protect them with shoe covers.
  • Both client and artist wear a mouth mask during the appointment. Bring your own facemask or buy one in our boutique for €2,-
  • You come alone to the appointment.
  • Maximum number of three customers in the shop.
  • Do not touch loose objects.
  • Keep 1.5 meters distance.
  • Watch out for sneezing or coughing, do this in a tissue or inside of your elbow.
  • Stay home when you feel sick or have virus symptoms.

Process of a tattoo appointment.

If you want to get tattooed at Lucky Dubz Studio, these are the usual steps:

  • If you‘ve got an idea for your tattoo, rough or precise, please contact us through email and send us your preferable location, estimation of size and possible examples to
  • We don't copy work. So your idea will be custom made by your preferred artist.
  • If you would like to make a tattoo appointment with one of our artists, your chosen artist will need a deposit or design fee of at least 50,- Euro from you in order to confirm your appointment. You can transfer the agreed fee to:
    Lucky Dubz Studio
    Please mention your name and appointment date in the description.
  • In case of cancellation, you need to get in touch with us a least 7 days before your confirmed appointment date in order for us to freely reschedule your appointment. Cancellations will not be refunded.
  • The tattoo design can be seen in person at the shop on the day of the tattoo appointment, and there is always enough time planned for possible changes of the design.
  • On the day of your appointment your unique custom design is tattooed on you forever.
  • In addition to your new beautiful tattoo, you will receive a detailed explanation from your tattoo artist about how to take care of your new tattoo.
  • After three to six weeks you can make an appointment to let us look at your tattoo and, if necessary, organize a appointment for a touch-up. For questions you can reach us by mail 24/7


The price of a tattoo depends on the size, the individual workload for tattoo and on the motif design / motif development, the placement, the texture of the skin and on the performing tattoo artist. As our tattoo artists are true artists, they are very happy to take on the preparation of an individual motif for you. We don't make any tattoos from the bar. Every tattoo that leaves our studio is unique. The more precise your statements, ideas or motives are, the more precise our evaluation of the price will be.

The basic starting price for a tattoo is 80, - Euro. We have established this base price, because we have a certain and material basic expenditure for assembly and dismantling, as well as cleaning of the place, sterilization of instruments and consulting for any tattoo appointment. In the event of a tattoo appointment, a deposit of 50, - Euro is payd in advance. This deposit shall be deemed to be as a "deposit" or "designfee" and will be charged accordingly to the final price of the tattoo.


Preparation for your tattoo appointment. If you have an appointment in our studio, you should pay attention to some points. Before your appointment you should:

  • have eaten well
  • sleep well and be fit
  • do not take extended sunbaths ( sunburn hazard )
  • if you have dry skin or freshly tanned skin, please do a peeling at the area to be tattooed if possible.
  • should you have a dry skin area such as hands, forearms, elbows, knees or ankles tattooing, the skin must be moisturized by creaming until the tattoo appointment
  • if you have a sensitive skin you can shave the area to be tattooed carefully the day on your appointment as we do dry shaving before sterilizing the skin in preparation for the tattoo

24 hours before and after tattooing you should:

  • do not take blood thinners, e.g. Aspirin, Marcumar or energy drinks
  • do not consume alcohol / drugs
  • drink a maximum of one cup of coffee / black tea

You can not be tattooed if:

  • you take antibiotics or cortisone or take it 3-5 days before and after the appointment
  • you are pregnant or have recently been and still are resting
  • you've got a vaccination in the last 48 hours
  • you have a sunburn on the area to be tattooed
  • you planned a beach vacation 3 weeks after your appointment
  • you have atopic dermatitis at the body part to be tattooed

For questions before your appointment, you can contact us by email. If you have to postpone or cancel your appointment, please do so 7 days before your appointment in person in the studio or by mail to If you do this too late or try the wrong mail address, your deposit will expire, also by no show.


  • Tattoos can restrict. Although tattoos are becoming more popular, they are not necessarily welcome everywhere. It is important to concider this in the choise of profession.
  • Template and result: The tattoos will always look a little different than a drawing e.g. on paper. Depending on your skin type and color, there may be deviations. In addition, the tattoo artist possibly will need to adjust the motif anatomically in shape, size and color. An accurate preview of the result can never be simulated.
  • Complications: allergies, infections, inflammation despite compliance with utmost hygiene, it may lead to complications. Allergic reactions and dermatitis. The risk of infection can not be excluded. Prevention also includes the proper care of the tattoo. For that purpose, after tattooing you get a oral explanation and detailed care instrauctions for reading. Should complications require medical treatment as a result of a tattoo, so the health insurance does not cover the costs. In the event of questions or problems, please feel free to visit us in the studio.
  • Complications harmless to health: 'BlowOut' This means that the color of the skin, simular to the ink on a blotting paper, 'runs'. This is generally never be ruled out and simply due to the connective tissue. It is not possible for a tattoo artist to eliminate this risk in advance.

Aftercare instructions

After your tattoo appointment, the tattoo artist will inform you orally about your new tattoo and about how to take care of it. The healing phase proceeds differently depending on care, skin type and body part.

For the best possible healing, the following points must be observed:


  • after tattooing no intensive activities can be performed
  • remove the foil after three to max 5 hours
  • clean the tattoo with clear water and unicura soap
  • water a clean washcloth with hot water and press it on the fresh tattoo for about 30 seconds, let the wound dry or dab dry carefully after
  • then thinly apply a tattoo ointment e.g. Balm tattoo – we offer you for 11,- Euro in our studio
  • for the first seven days take only very quick showers and do not scrub it!
  • thinly apply the healing ointment to your tattoo and massage it in gently 2 times a day for the first two weeks in order to protect your skin from drying out
  • during the third week, apply a non perfumed bodylotion after every washing
  • no sports for at least two weeks
  • During the healing phase it should be generally observed:
  • do not stretch a tattooed place excessively, caution in sports and other physical activities
  • avoid extensive showers and bathing / swimming during the first three weeks
  • avoid contact with dirt and oil
  • itching is part of the healing, do not scratch! It might otherwise be uprooted color pigments
  • avoid solarium and direct sunlight for four to six weeks
  • use only a sunblock 30+ on the tattooed place for three months, not during the 3 week healing process!
  • little stress and physical stress, plenty of sleep and a healthy diet support the wound healing forces of the body

In the first few days may occur swelling and bruises. These are injury-related retention and there is no need to worry.


After about three to six weeks you come to the studio for a visual inspection of the tattoo and here it is then decided whether a retouch is necessary. If you are from another city you can send us some good pictures of your healed tattoo to The retouch must be proceeded within the next six months.